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2015 Federal Election

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Debates, Events, Meetings, 2 August to 19 October 2015

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^ Kitchener Centre

Elections Canada: Kitchener Centre (Ontario) Electoral District, Kitchener Centre Returning Office

^ Stephen Woodworth (incumbent)

Stephen Woodworth

^ Raj Saini

Raj Saini

^ Susan Cadell

Susan Cadell

^ Nicholas Wendler

Nicholas Wendler

^ Julian Ichim

Julian Ichim

^ Slavko Miladinovic

No Image

^ Kitchener — Conestoga

Elections Canada: Kitchener — Conestoga (Ontario) Electoral District, Kitchener — Conestoga Returning Office

^ Tim Louis

Tim Louis

^ James Villeneuve

James Villeneuve

^ Bob Jonkman

Bob Jonkman

^ Rich Hodgson Jr.

^ Kitchener South — Hespeler

Elections Canada: Kitchener South — Hespeler (Ontario) Electoral District, Kitchener South — Hespeler Returning Office

^ Marian Gagné

Marian Gagné

^ Marwan Tabbara

Marwan Tabbara

^ Lorne Bruce

Lorne Bruce

^ David Weber

David Weber

^ Elaine Baetz

No Image

Nathan Lajeunesse

No Image

^ Waterloo

Elections Canada: Waterloo (Ontario) Electoral District, Waterloo Returning Office

^ Peter Braid (incumbent)

Peter Braid

^ Bardish Chagger

Bardish Chagger

^ Diane Freeman

Diane Freeman

^ Richard Walsh

Richard Walsh

^ Cambridge

Elections Canada: Cambridge (Ontario) Electoral District, Cambridge Returning Office

^ Gary Goodyear (incumbent)

Gary Goodyear

^ Bryan May

No Image

^ Bobbi Stewart

Bobbi Stewart

^ Michele Braniff

Michele Braniff

^ Manuel Couto

No Image

^ Lee Sperduti

No Image

Other Federal Political Parties

Images on this page are from the Flickr albums of Laurel Russwurm, used under a CC BYCC BY 2.0 license.

Image of Gary Goodyear by Simon Fraser University Public Affairs and Media Relations (Science Alive) from Wikimedia Commons used under a CC BYCC BY 2.0 license.